Quality Control

Our team understands the importance of the services we provide, and we take a proactive approach by implementing quality control from D & D Professional Services. We have an inspection report system that grades the cleaning services at all of our sites. Cleaning services receive an "A," "B," or "C" rating for cleaning quality. Any "C" grade is unacceptable, and we immediately create a plan to correct any deficiencies.

The Following Are the Methods We Use to Maintain Quality Service:
1. Unannounced visits to our job sites to ensure our cleaners are properly             uniformed and are performing their duties as specified by our "scope of work."

2. We do routine on-site inspection with our team leaders.

3. We encourage management/client walk-throughs monthly during regular           business hours to keep the line of communications open for our clients. 

Our Team at Work:

Telephone Timekeeping Tracking System

The Telephone Timekeeping System allows us to track if our employees show up for work or not, to ensure they are working the required number of hours. We also use it to do paperless inspections with the help of mobile devices.


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