It's not enough for your building to look and smell clean. It also needs sanitizing to protect the health of your workers and visitors. Improve the overall condition of your facility with carpet cleaning in Hickory, NC. At
D & D Professional Services, we help you create a clean and germ-free environment inside and outside with janitorial services that include pressure washing. Reach out to us to schedule the cleaning you need.

List of Periodic Services
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All services are provided for Commercial, Medical, and Industrial Clients.
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Services Guide:
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Janitorial & Cleaning Services
Complete Area Disinfection Services
Day Porters Services
Professional Blind Cleaning
Construction Clean-up Services
Deep Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning, (van mount unit high pressure steam cleaning)
Upholstery Cleaning

Office Moving
Steam and Sanitize Ceramic Tile & Restrooms
Strip and Wax Floors, (VCT, tile, terrazzo, and more)

Industrial Floor Scrubbing Services, (concrete, tile, laminate and more)
High Speed Floor Burnishing & Polishing (propane, electric, and battery powered units)
Concrete Floor Cleaning & Maintenance
Pressure Washing
Professional Soft Low Pressure Roof Cleaning
Industrial Floor Sweeping & Scrubbing Services
Professional Window Cleaning
HVAC Filter Replacement
Commercial Light Bulb Replacement & Cover Cleaning
Commercial & Industrial Painting
Floor Removal & Installation (hardwood, tile, laminate)
Finish Carpentry
Full Interior Remodeling

Epoxy Floor Coating
Landscaping & Tree Maintenance  

Public Health Infection Mitigation Program

D & D Professional Services, LLC. is excited to announce our new “Public Health Infection Mitigation Program”. This service utilizes electrostatic fogging sprayers to sanitize 100% of the areas in your space. Electrostatic Sprayers are electrically charged allowing the sanitizing solution to physically attach to all surfaces giving a more complete sanitation.

Benefits of electrostatic disinfection include:
• Improved virus and infection control due to sanitizer reaching all surfaces
• More efficient and controlled manner of applying sanitizer
• Hard to reach areas such as keyboards, office equipment, machinery and       upholstered surfaces are still disinfected
• Improves infection control and spread of viruses including COVID-19, influenza,    MRSA and many others
• Achieve 360-degree touchless disinfection and avoid cross contamination
• Quickly and efficiently disinfects areas in the event of a COVID outbreak
• Treated areas can be safely used in as little as 30 minutes after treatment
• Process is safe for people, plants, office equipment, etc.
• Prevents expensive financial burden associated with contagious healthcare       infections 


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